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The Ultimate Experience

"Many of our guests said it was the most heartfelt and genuine wedding ceremony they had ever attended!"

I never get tired of hearing that from my couples, and I hear it all the time.
Think about the best wedding ceremonies you have been to.  What made them stand out to you?  Was it the couple themselves and their love? The location?  Laughter, music, raw emotion, or maybe something you can't quite name?

Often couples don't even realize that they don't have to have a standard, predictable ceremony.  Your ceremony can truly reflect who you are as a couple as and individuals. 

You can include your personal love story, songs, jokes, readings and rituals unique to you or those from your cultural or religious heritages.  Even if you don't belong to a religious institution or follow a particular spiritual path, your ceremony can be a meaningful, transformative moment in your lives.  

My favorite ceremonies are those where the couple is involved in co-creating the experience with me.  They may come into the process having no idea what the possibilities are, and though our time together develop a clear sense of why they are getting married and what they want their ceremony to feel and look like.

The Ultimate Ceremony Experience  

  • Fully Personalized, created just for you wedding ceremony
  • 100% approval over your Ceremony Script and elements
  • Vows of your choice or from my library
  • Rituals ~ From the heart or from your personal traditions and heritage (optional)
  • Lissin singing, a cappella or with a musician* (optional)
  • Readings of your choice or from my library (optional)
  • Vow Writing worksheet and support for writing your own vows
  • Keepsake copy for your memories
  • In Person and/or Video Chat Meeting(s)
  • Unlimited Phone and Email Communication
  • My support throughout your Ceremony process and beyond
  • Coordination with venue and vendors
  • Filing all paperwork with the County Clerk in accordance with the laws of the State of California (for legal ceremonies)

Available for an additional fee

  • Guiding your Wedding Rehearsal 

The Ultimate Ceremony Experience is available within 18 months of ceremony date.