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Praise For Lissin

We had a wonderful experience with Lissin for our wedding.  We wanted spontaneous, beachy, adventurous and deeply meaningful in our own ways.  Lissin helped us sculpt exactly that and we will never forget the fun we had.  It was a such an amazing thing to be with someone that truly sought to understand our needs and do so glowingly.  We highly recommend Lissin for your celebration!

~Benjamin & Erin, Holland, MI

Lissin has a beautiful spirit and calming demeanor. She's professional and she made our ceremony more memorable than anticipated. Her wealth of knowledge made our elopement a success. Thanks, Lissin, for making our dreams a reality.

~Jason & Christopher, Syracuse, NY

No two of Lissin's ceremonies are alike ~ her special talent lies in making ceremonies that are a unique reflection of the couple she is uniting.

Lissin does much more than just creating a script for her weddings. She helped us plan and orchestrate the entire ceremony complete with timing for music, particulars about readings and vows and rituals that were perfectly tailored to our taste. We started the process of planning the ceremony with very few concrete ideas about what we wanted and Lissin helped guide us every step of the way until our ceremony was perfect for us.

Lissin is also a wonderful person to have around during what can be an overwhelming time. She is calm and grounded and brought out my calm and grounded side when I was feeling more like a chicken with my head cut off. Lissin is very focused on being present and helped me to also be present and calm and enjoy my wedding.

Finally, the feedback from my wedding guests was overwhelming! They loved the ceremony. Most of them were crying. Many of them said it was the most heartfelt and genuine wedding ceremony they had ever attended. Lissin made our ceremony perfect and unforgettable.

~Siobhan & Michael, Pacifica, CA

Lissin was perfect for our wedding!  She is an impeccable professional, and we needed someone who would take our unique ideas for a destination gay wedding with six children and 75 guests and knock it out of the park. She did! All the way through the planning process she was divine.

We combined our families with kids ranging in age from 24-10, a Hispanic caterer, a Flamenco guitar trio, an outdoor venue difficult to reach but absolutely stunning, and Lissin. It came together in our wedding rehearsal the day before, quickly we all knew what to do, where to stand, how to interact, and everyone was calm and happy. The next day was like a dream. She created for us a ceremony we'll never forget. Her presentation is so touching, and her voice so comforting and happy.  We couldn't be happier. Thanks, Lissin! 

~Steven & Rex, Lafayette, CO

Lissin took the time to understand who we are and what we truly wanted in our celebration.  She had the ability to ground us and help us focus on what was truly important.

Through guided meditation, song, and prayer Lissin was able to foster a deep sense of reverence for this time in our life.  Lissin brought not only spiritual depth to our ceremony but also was able to create a celebratory environment that allowed all of our guests to participate.  

You often hear that the wedding day is such a blur, and the bride and groom are not fully present for the moment.  In moments such as these that provoke nervous energy, Lissin is not only calm, but calming, and had the ability to channel our energy and those around us into celebration, harmony and joy.

Working with Lissin helped us connect to spirit and bring an awareness of nature into our union and our celebration that we felt was integral to our ceremony.

~ Analise & John, Montara, CA

Lissin is a huge reason we had the best wedding ceremony we could have ever asked for.  We wanted to create a personal and heartfelt ceremony and she responded by providing just enough structure to keep our ceremony flowing and interesting to our guests, while weaving in stories, anecdotes, and humor to make it ours.  

She is a wealth of good ideas, information, talent, helpful suggestions, and easy to work with.  When my brothers ended up hijacking our procession at the rehearsal, she just went with the flow and only responded with encouragement.  I would confidently recommend Lissin to help create all sorts of ceremonies, from traditional to something totally unique, and anything in between.

~Paul & Alex, Pacifica, CA

What can I say? We feel so blessed to have found Lissin to officiate our wedding. She is such a calm and spiritual presence. She went above and beyond to create a personal, meaningful ceremony. Everyone, and I mean everyone, came up to tell us how touched and impressed they were with it. She even met with each of us individually right before the ceremony and gave us breathing exercises to calm us and make us more present to the moment. Honestly, we just couldn't be happier with how it went.

~Ephrat & Luca, Oakland, CA

Lissin was our officiant for our wedding and I could not have asked for a better experience. She worked closely with us for over a year to draft the perfect ceremony. She is thoughtful, articulate, present, and has a great energy. 

We had a pretty elaborate wedding, but the ceremony was my favorite part. I have joked to more than one person that we could have saved our money on all the extras and just had our ceremony with Lissin and been just as satisfied.

She helped me relax before the ceremony with some great breathing exercises as well.

Thank you Lissin! You made the day for this bride! 

~Michaelina & David, San Jose, CA

Lissin crafted such a beautiful and authentic wedding ceremony for us.  The questions she asked us helped us think more deeply about the type of ceremony we wanted.  She was so gentle and respectful in creating a ceremony that was true to us and to our relationship, and helped us find the right words to honor our strong ties to friends and family.  Lissin helped us find a calm and grounded mental place before the ceremony so that we could really savor the experience, and she even sang us a beautiful blessing.  We can't say enough good things about her!

~Maureen & Aaron, San Francisco, CA

Photo By:  Irene Kane

Photo By:  Irene Kane

We traveled from Sydney, Australia, in order to be married in California by Lissin. From the outset, Lissin could not have been more friendly and helpful in assisting with every aspect of our plans.  Lissin left no stone unturned in order to get to know us personally over Skype, email and the telephone to make our big day the best it could possibly have been. 

On the day itself, Lissin was wonderful, and carried out the ceremony in a beautiful bushy location overlooking the ocean. She sang to us as part of the ceremony, and the care, happiness and joy she exhibited convinced us that she enjoyed the proceedings as much as we did.  Lissin is a very special lady, who is ideally suited to her profession. She made this day the most magic day of our lives and we could not recommend her more highly.

~Phil & Karen, Sydney, Australia

Lissin put her whole heart, soul and love into guiding us, our families, and our friends through this major life transition and she could not possibly have done a more beautiful job.

Lissin's care, experience and attention to detail were reflected in every element of
the ceremony that she wrote for us.  The ceremony itself perfectly hit the balance between thoughtful planning and spontaneous magic. Lissin took us each aside right before we walked down the aisle and helped us to get centered. This was a powerful, wise act of care and a beautiful gift and allowed us to feel clear, calm and fully act from our cores during the ceremony.

The ceremony Lissin led and helped to create was a complete reflection of the values and traditions most important to us as well as the experience we sought to create for our communities and each other. She led us with grace, experience, professionalism and love.

~Sheridan & Jonathan, Berkeley, CA

Dear Lissin,

There are not enough words to thank you for the incredible job you did at our wedding. Your passion, creativity and love were felt by all of us there. Writing the ceremony at times was not easy, but it was well worth the process because we got to know each other better in the exercises of creating a perfect day. We could not have done it without you. You listened to our wishes and channeled all that we wanted through your words and singing. I am so glad that I found you ... I knew you were the "one" that could express what we needed

~Jessica & Glenn, Davis, CA

Photo By:  Saye Farrokhtala

Photo By:  Saye Farrokhtala

I can't say enough good things about Lissin and how happy we were to have her officiate our wedding. Her beautiful singing voice, reverence for spirituality, and dedication to personalizing our ceremony all helped to create one of the best days of my life. All of that said, one of my favorite things about having Lissin officiate our ceremony was her grounding presence which held a sacred space for us and our community.

~Kari & Aaron, Woodside, CA