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Ceremonies help us mark the transitions in our lives and move into the next phase of our journey with consciousness, meaning and connection.  I offer personal, unique rituals to honor any transition you are stepping through.

Weddings and commitment rituals of all flavors

Love is love is love is love.  If you and your beloved wish to celebrate your love and commitment with a ceremony that is truly about you, we will make your dream come true. Lavishly, privately, celebratory, solemnly, whatever your desire, we can create it.  My hope is that you will remember your ceremony as a moment of sacred connection that changed your relationship forever.

Mama Blessing Ceremonies

Honor the Mother-to-Be with support, love and blessing as she makes the step into parenthood.  Beyond a traditional “shower”, this ritual allows her to acknowledge how things will never be the same while opening up to the infinite possibilities awaiting her.  Mama Blessings are available for all Mamas ~ biological, co- or adoptive mamas.

Baby Blessings and Namings

Welcome your new little one into the world with blessing, songs and love.  We can draw on your familiar spiritual traditions as well as create new traditions of our own. 

*I offer services as a Celebrant of Brit Shalom, as well.

Adoption and Family Blending Ceremonies

As love is love is love, a family is a family is a family.  Honor your family coming together forever.  As a mother and long-time youth educator/ entertainer, I have the tools to create fun and engaging ceremonies for participants of all ages.

Releasing Rituals

There sometimes comes a time in life where we have to let go of that which is no longer serving us in our highest ideal.  Whether it is a relationship, job, home, behavior ~ allow us to support the letting go and mark the transition towards freedom with peace, dignity and respect.

Funerals and Memorial Services

When you’ve lost a loved one, you want to be supported through the memorial process.  I will learn about your loved one through conversations with family and friends, and write and deliver a picture of him or her that is respectful, compassionate and honest.

House Clearings and Blessings

When you move into a new space, start fresh by clearing away the energies of the old and creating openness and space for your new beginnings.